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Making the choice of computer equipment is already a decision that is not necessarily trivial in terms of consequences. For your network, your data, applications, each of your computer equipment is important. The investment cannot be made at random. Profitability, but also the scalability, performance, and security issues are of course essential. 

With our experiences, such as the deployment of computer equipment, redundant solutions, remote offices, but also solutions tailored to smaller PME, we will guide you, advise you to arrive at the project that suits you best. 

Through our partnerships with publishers, manufacturers, we can explore with you many solutions meeting your criteria.


Our aim is to assist you in your technological decisions, anticipate your needs and give you tailor-made support in a perpetual changing IT world.
Today, everything moves so fast. It is no longer an option but a necessity to be able to rely on efficient partners.
Understanding your needs and coordinating these needs with stakeholders has been CSTI’s mission since a long time.

Our business: information technology

With every day that goes by, CSTI commits to stand by your side, to guarantee you the best advice adapted to your needs with detailed and varied solutions.

Transparency is of utmost importance to CSTI, so the commercial aspect will never take the priority over CSTI’s technological advice. Therefore, you gain a committed partner who will always protect your interests.

In summary …

We bring our experience to:
* Improve the quality of your computer system
* Purchase equipment that meets your needs
* Use the full potential of existing equipment
* Finalize your projects with our consultants